The official DVSA Practical Driving Test Centre’s 2020 Pass Rates.

To find your local theory or practical DVSA car driving test centre with details such as the new practical car driving test pass rates simply click on the area links below.

Whilst we regularly check test centre details please see your confirmation letter or email received from the DVSA when you booked your driving test for any recent changes to your local driving test centres address.

Driving Lessons, Theory Tests and Practical Driving Tests have all now restarted in England, Scotland and Wales.

Please note you are still required to wear a face-covering for your practical driving test.

Updated 31st August 2021

Do you need an earlier driving test date? Lockdown 2021 help from the Driving Test Genie

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Highlands   Practical Driving Test Centres

Central Scotland   Practical Driving Test Centres

North East Scotland   Practical Driving Test Centres

Southern Scotland   Practical Driving Test Centre


North and South Wales   Practical Driving Test Centres


North West England   Practical Driving Test Centres

North East England   Practical Driving Test Centres

Yorkshire and Humber   Practical Driving Test Centres

West Midlands   Practical Driving Test Centre

East Midlands   Practical Driving Test Centres

East of England   Practical Driving Test Centre

South West England   Practical Driving Test Centre

London and South East    Practical Driving Test Centres

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