Have you had your driving test moved because of the Covid-19 Lockdown 2021?

Do you have a practical driving test booked for March or April 2021 and not sure if you should move it?

Updated 16th March 2021

So what are your options?

1, If you have had your practical driving test moved back by the DVSA and you feel it has been moved to the back of the queue, possibly many months into 2021, then we would suggest you visit Driving Test Genie. They are experts in getting you the earliest possible date for your UK driving test. 

The driving test genie

2, Maybe you have a test booked but you feel it is likely to be cancelled or moved because of the lockdowns. In this situation, you could simply wait and see! However, if your test is cancelled the DVSA will simply move you to the back of the queue, possibly as far as June 2021or even later! Or it may be better to move your test now and then again as above you can use Driving Test Genie to move it to a more suitable/earlier date? Remember no one knows (13/1/21) when the lockdown will finish or when tests and lessons will resume, so you will have to make a guess as to when to rearrange for but hopefully, we may be conducting lessons and driving tests again by sometime in March!

We know none of the options is great, but be realistic if your driving test is unlikely to go-ahead then look to move it now and use Driving Test Genie to help you get a suitable test date as that’s what they are there for. 

There is a free or premium service available. The premium service will get you your test sooner or at a more suitable time as it is a comprehensive service and with everyone looking to move tests you will be in competition with thousands of other learners, so give yourself the best chance of getting a suitable practical driving test date. We have arranged a discount for you with Driving Test Genie which you can access here or quote 4P62657 in the voucher code box. 

We hope you can now get your practical driving test when you need it.

Your Driving Test Expert.