Let us show you how to get young driver car insurance at a great price.

Insurance costs.

Car insurance costs for young or inexperienced drivers have been very high for a number of years. At present, we cannot see the cost of car insurance reducing in the foreseeable future. So what can you do to get the best possible insurance for a reasonable price?

Having spent many years in the car insurance business prior to becoming an Approved Driving Instructor I have some experience in this matter. So I will talk you through a recent (August 2016) experience of needing to gain car insurance for my daughter who had recently passed their driving test.

First car.

Firstly we decided on the type of car my daughter wanted as her first car. We considered what size of the car was needed. The cost of buying, running costs and of course insurance costs. My daughter only needed a small car mainly for travelling to and from work. So we looked online at a number of styles of cars such as Fiestas, Corsas, C1’s and 107’s etc. The Citroen C1 and Peugeot 107 were the favourites so we searched online for vehicles for sale locally. Having found a number of possible cars we noted down their vehicle registration numbers and decided to look at insurance costs.

At this point, we advise you to get quotes for a number of possible vehicles prior to going out to look at cars. It is far better to see what you can afford first rather than seeing a car you really want and then not being able to afford the insurance.

It costs you nothing to get a couple of quotes even if you are not yet ready to buy a car. Knowing the cost of car insurance will help you budget for when you are ready to buy your first car.

If you want to find a car registration number so that you can get an idea as to insurance costs try one of these sites as they list the registration number next to the car details: Car Shop, Citroen’s such as the C1 and for the Corsa Vauxhall’s Network Q.

Having previously used comparison websites and found them really easy to use, we decided to check insurance costs through them.

Comparison Web sites.

The first page of the website asked for the registration number. It then searched the online database for all the vehicle details. After checking these were the same as advertised we proceeded through the simple stages.

We were asked who the insurance was for. We decided to get the first quote just for my daughter driving. After adding in her details including her driving licence etc we were asked for the approx yearly mileage. Normally the lower the annual mileage the cheaper the insurance, but you can try changing to different amounts to see if this will alter the insurance premium. Having worked out what we believed the yearly mileage was likely to be we added in the mileage figure. It was at this point we decided to keep a track of what we were filling in so that we could alter these figures later to see if they altered the cost of the insurance.

On our list, we had the vehicle registration, drivers on the policy, annual mileage and amount of the excess to be on the policy. You may also wish to add where the vehicle would be parked overnight. We could then write the best quotes under this and go back to the quote and adjust details such as named drivers to see if this made a difference to the cost of the car insurance.

Best insurance quotes.

After getting the list of best quotes we decided to get another quote for the same vehicle, but this time with my wife as a named driver. My wife has a clean driving licence and no accidents in the last five years. She is a teacher so not an occupation that has an adverse effect on the cost of insurance. The new quote had gone down by quite a bit. We then added me I also have a clean licence and no accidents, but as an ADI adding me increased the cost by £65 from the quote with my daughter and wife. By altering the amount of excess from £300 to £500 we could again reduce the quote further.

As you can see by altering various aspects of the insurance you can reduce or increase the cost of the insurance. We also noticed some insurance companies added young driver and inexperienced driver excesses on top of the voluntary excess while others included it in the agreed excess we imputed into the web site.

After doing the same for a couple of other possible cars we checked reviews on parkersguide.co.uk and decided on the Citroen C1. After buying a C1 from a local garage we went back to the comparison website and arranged the insurance for my daughter’s new car.

Car insurance sorted.

It really was simple to do and by using a comparison website to do all the searching for us we got the best deal too!

Give it a go it’s really straightforward and it can save you a lot of money.