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The Secret to passing your Driving Test.

Everyone wants to pass the UK practical driving test 1st time, but how can you help yourself to achieve this? Look no further you have just found the driving test secret to passing your test first time.

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The Driving Test “Secret”

The Driving Test SecretThe Driving Test “Secret” is a cleverly designed system to increase your ability to drive correctly under the pressures of the test and in doing so helping you to pass the UK Practical Driving Test 1st time.

Now Available here in the new digital format for use on a variety of devices, such as Kindle, iPhone and iPad’s etc

The author C.J Brown DVSA ADI has been an Approved Driving Instructor since 1996, and originally devised the “Secret” as an aid to help their own pupils to pass the practical driving test. The immediate success of this system saw the authors own driving schools 1st-time pass rate jump dramatically, with more pupils passing than ever before.

First created in 2009 as the Driving Test Secret Revision Cards, the “secret” has helped huge numbers of learners across the UK achieve their goal of passing their UK practical driving test the first time.

The “secret” uses two main established learning techniques to help you improve your driving, deal with test nerves and of course pass the driving test.

The first is a prompt technique. By using carefully selected keywords and phrases the “secret” will help to reinforce good practices or routines. With regular practice, this learning technique will help you remember what to do quicker and with more confidence. This is incredibly important as we all know when driving the time available to sit and think what to do next is usually limited due to the situation such as the road layout or other road users

The second technique is visualisation. The “secret” will help you to visualise or think through your drive. Using the “Secret” (which includes diagrams) to visualise a driving situation, such as the approach to a roundabout. By thinking about what you need to do, such as the correct use and timing of mirrors, signals, positioning, speed and gears, you will be more capable of correctly completing this routine when approaching a roundabout when they are actually driving. This technique is now used in a variety of situations such as sports where the player must be able to carry out a set routine quickly but still accurately when under pressure. This makes this technique particularly useful in stressful situations such as your driving test!

Want to know what other learners felt about The Driving Test “Secret”?

“The Driving Test “Secret” really helped. I wasn’t anywhere near as nervous as I thought I would be. I will recommend the “Secret” to all my friends”. Alice. Passed driving test 1st time!

Regular use of The Driving Test “Secret” will help to increase your confidence, reduce driving test nerves and developing an improved ability to drive without the need for prompting, essential to passing the UK DVSA practical driving test.

Contents covered are:

  • How to use The Driving Test “Secret”.
  • MSM Routine
  • Moving Away & Stopping
  • Speed
  • T-Junctions & Side Roads
  • Roundabouts Crossroads (Traffic Light Controlled).
  • Meeting Traffic
  • Pedestrian Crossings
  • City Driving
  • Rural Routes
  • Dual Carriageways.
  • Park on the Right
  • Parking (Car Park)
  • Reverse Park (Road)
  • Emergency Stops
  • Awareness and Planning
  • Independent Driving
  • About the Driving Test
  • On the Day of Your Test

If you want to improve your driving and importantly your ability to pass the UK practical driving test, then look no further you have just found the “Secret” to you passing your test first time.
C.J Brown DVSA ADI Your Online Driving Test Expert.

So don’t delay download your copy today for just £3.99 and pass your practical driving test.

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6 reviews for Driving Test Secret

  1. Catherine

    Thank you so much for recommending The Driving Test Secret it was great preparation for the test and really helped to beat my nerves.

  2. William

    It was really simple to download to my phone which meant I could use the “Secret” wherever I was.

  3. Emily

    The secret made me much more confident. Thank you.

  4. James

    Thank you the driving Secret helped.

  5. Ali Abbas

    I hve passed my driving test

  6. Charmaine

    Great really easy to use

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