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We will guide you all the way through learning to drive. From getting started by applying for your provisional driving licence. Taking your theory test and of course your final aim of passing your practical driving test 1st time.

Learning to driveYour Online Driving was established here in the UK in 2008 by an experienced Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency ADI.

The aim was to fill a need by learner drivers for independent learning to drive information and advice from a reliable, trusted source. All the information and advice you will find on Your Online Driving School is provided either from qualified Approved Driving Instructors or the DVSA.
Date updated 5th September 2017

We will guide you all the way through learning to drive from getting started by applying for your provisional licence, taking your theory test and of course your final aim of passing your practical driving test and getting your UK licence.

You will find unique help, tips and techniques from highly experience and successful DVSA ADI’s.

Your Online Driving have also developed a series of unique learning to drive books and revision cards that will not only help you to pass, but can also save you alot of money too!

  • Theory Test Facts & Figures Revision Cards.
  • Teach yourself to drive with The Private Driving Practice Handbook.
  • Show Me How Manoeuvres.
  • The Driving Test “Secret” Revision Cards.
  • The Driving Test Secret

Plus many more proven and successful learning to drive techniques.
So why not let us here at Your Online Driving help you? It might be advice on lessons or possibly help in preparing and passing your UK theory and practical tests.

All our information, tips and advice are supplied by fully qualified Approved Driving Instructors. As ADIs we are the UK professionals in teaching you to drive.
Your Online Driving School.

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The Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency

DVLA are the official body dealing with licences and vehicle licensing.

All our information and advice is provided by ADI’s the official professionals in teaching you to drive.

Product of the week.

The Private Driving Practice Handbook (Teach Yourself 2 Drive).

An extract from this excellent handbook.

Setting out plans for the drive.

Before starting your drive it is important that you plan what you intend to cover, together with the route you wish to use. I have set out lesson plans covering the official learning to drive syllabus that you can use as a guide or you can concentrate on any areas a driving instructor has suggested during driving lessons. It is important that you do not ask the learner to run before they can walk. The lesson should therefore either recap on areas already covered or be a natural progression from previous lessons or experience.

The route you take must match the lesson planned. There is no point in taking the time to plan a lesson only to then take a route that does not allow the learner to practice the topic/skill being covered. There also needs to be sufficient time allowed to enable the learner to improve both their skills and their understanding of the topic.

The time of day may also have an effect on the lesson. Is it going to take place in rush hour traffic or after school when there may be large numbers of children around? For some exercises a quiet time of day may be preferable others, for instance improving judgement of other traffic may require more traffic to really hone the learner’s skills (remember only when their skill level and understanding allows).

The more time and effort that is put into the planning of the lesson, the more benefit to the learner.

Planning and giving instructions.

When accompanying a learner driver for the first time many people find that the learner takes considerably longer to deal with an instruction or hazard than they had expected or allowed time for. It is therefore essential that you plan a long way ahead. Let’s look at an example. The learner is driving along a straight section of road within a 30mph speed limit with various side roads, pedestrians, other road users etc. Suddenly a car pulls out of one of the side roads about 20 metres ahead and into your vehicles path. The learner driver has a number of questions to consider helping them to decide on the correct course of action.

The distance between the two vehicles?

What are the speeds of both vehicles?

How close are any vehicles behind?

Is the road wet and will this effect the stopping distance?

All these questions can take quite some time for an inexperienced driver to consider and make a decision. Please bear in mind that many learners will simply brake hard in this situation regardless of whether or not it is the best course of action.
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Just a brief extract from The Private Driving Practice Handbook.

If you intend to practice your driving with family and friends then download your copy today.

All our learning to drive information and advice is provided by UK DVSA Approved Driving Instructors (ADI’s). We are the official professionals in teaching you to drive.

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